Welcome in the paradise of snow, where the winter is white. Located in Pragelato, in the hamlet named "La Ruà" , there is the Baby Skilift, there are two descents, ideal to start skiing and for beginners.

Skiig e Snowboard

The Baby ski lift is ideal for learning to ski from snow sweeps to turns with parallel skis, or simply improve the style.

Even for snowborder lovers can learn the technique and try their hand at the first turns.


National Ski School of Pragelato

The Pragelato Ski School with over 40 years of service offers individual and group ski lessons and nowboarding.


National ski school of Pragelato

Via Wembach Hann, 13

10060 Pragelato (TO)


Tel: +39 0122 78960


Pragelato Sport Event

via Rohrbach 7

10060 - Pragelato (TO)

Tel: +39 0122741107

P.iva: 11431080016